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02-14-2017 01:35 PM
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I'm new to ArcGIS Server.  In the Esri Support section or here in GeoNet, can someone point me to generic test threads for ArcGIS Server?  I am trying to help my customer test the functionality of their ArcGIS Server.

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You may refer What is ArcGIS Server?—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise 

ArcGIS Enterprise Functionality Matrix 

Not sure what you mean by "Generic Test Threads" though.

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Hi Robert,

> I am trying to help my customer test the functionality of their ArcGIS Server.

Can you please elaborate more on what they want to "test" exactly? To verify that the GIS Server is working?

After you install the GIS Server, you can verify it is working correctly when you are able to see and work with the example map service called SampleWorldCities which should appear in the root directory in ArcGIS Server Manager.

One suggestion would be to try and publish the various different types of web services available in the GIS Server - see the top of page 4 in the ArcGIS Enterprise Functionality Matrix.

Another suggestion is to use a web client such as the ArcGIS Online map viewer to see if it can access and display the web services published from the GIS Server.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks to both you and Jayanta.  Basically I'm trying to remotely guide some non-geospatial IT folks who have loaded ArcGIS Server into their development environment (to be pat of their PaaS) and I've been asked to review their test procedures, which have 13 steps and do indeed involve the SampleWorldCities.  However, they were also supposed to load several TBs of geospatial data (maps, charts, elevation and imagery), catalogue/map this data to the ArcGIS Server and then publish REST and OGC web services.  They've loaded the geospatial data but that's it.  I'll hit up my Esri support folks with the test procedures to see what they think.  Thanks again for the help to my ambiguous query.

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