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Federation with local ArcGIS Server

12-13-2017 07:13 AM
Esri Regular Contributor

When you use Portal with local ArcGIS server you can federated them together. Then the users of the portal is used in the server and you can take any map service and secure it for one group of users of portal.

We use ArcGIS Server with on-line to publish live data.

We would like to protect our services in the local server to some users in on-line.

If we set the map service as protected when you access it in a Web Map you asked to enter a user/password of the local server.

We would like our local server to recognize the on-line users without entering another user and password.

We could create a map image layer in on-line that save the local user and limit this map image to some users.

We would like to get the real named user in our map service (for editor tracking and other options).

Can this be done? 

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Esri Regular Contributor

I think that the question is essentially 'Can I federate ArcGIS Server with ArcGIS Online?' per this idea - is that correct? 

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