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Combine multiple .tpk files into one

10-23-2015 04:44 PM
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I read the documentation and have been using the REST API to create several tile packages (*.tpk files) from the World Topo basemap for a very long hiking trail (the red line in the diagram below). Each .tpk file looks good on its own, but they are for different sections of the trail. I think what I need to do next for my mobile application that I'll be working on is to get them all into a single .tpk file.  How can I accomplish that?  I tried the Import Tile Cache geoprocessing tool, but either that didn't work or I'm not understanding what it does.  Also, I tried using the "AreaOfInterest" parameter documented in the REST API hoping that I could pass in the coordinates of a polygonal buffer (the olive green buffer around the red line in the image below) of the trail and I would get just those tiles (in light yellow) that intersect the buffer; unfortunately it exported all the tiles within the bounding box of the polygon (which is far far more tiles than I need.

So if I can solve either one of those problems to get a single .tpk of the trail (and not bunches of tiles I don't need), I'll be happy!



In the original post, I suggested that the AreaOfInterest property was not working properly.  It is working just fine.  User Error!  The following URL will export out a nice diagonal area in southern Canada.{ "features": [{"geometry":{"rings":[[[-12699190,6290346],[-12696698,6289903],[-12694650,6290774],[-12692097,6288832],[-12687816,6287854],[-12686746,6286127],[-12690064,6283772],[-12690216,6282611],[-12689957,6283681],[-12689100,6284078],[-12688474,6284735],[-12686685,6285958],[-12682756,6284827],[-12681243,6284904],[-12679179,6284277],[-12678934,6283176],[-12678598,6281540],[-12678476,6280486],[-12678522,6277398],[-12678415,6276480],[-12678430,6275976],[-12678063,6273958],[-12677925,6272001],[-12677589,6270533],[-12677880,6267598],[-12679164,6267537],[-12680463,6272169],[-12682191,6274478],[-12684774,6276175],[-12690645,6276404],[-12692708,6278284],[-12695353,6274416],[-12698487,6274600],[-12702767,6277719],[-12700383,6282335],[-12703792,6285423],[-12708133,6290025],[-12708454,6293128],[-12709127,6297577],[-12710610,6302897],[-12705213,6304395],[-12703134,6301995],[-12702018,6296262],[-12699190,6290346],[-12699190,6290346]]],"spatialReference":{"wkid":3857}}}]}&f=html

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there is a tool in arcgispro, import tile cach. It adds different  tile packs into a tile cach. there is another tool, export tile cach. It saves a tile cach as a tile pack.