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Error: Photo are not registered as uploaded to attachment repeat table in Portal, even though the picture is there.

06-18-2020 01:18 PM
Esri Contributor


This is the problem I am having with a hosted Feature layer from a Survey un Enterprise 10.7.1

Survey is published as a hosted layer in Portal Datastore.


Highlighted record shows that there is an attachment on the pole_image_repeat table

When you click on Show, the record shows (0) on Photos and Files

However, when you click on add, the attachment is available for download.

The picture can be downloaded successfully and viewed.

Another Attachment (highlighted) was added using the Add option.

After adding the attachment through the add option, the (0) changes to (1). It registers the upload. Only the upload from the Add Option. The picture taken with Survey is not registered.

However, there are still 2 attachments and only one is registering. The one taken with the Survey App is not registering.

We published the same Survey in AGOL and this behavior is not seen. The table correctly shows the number of attachments taken using the Survey App.

And if we create a new web map and check related table number of attachments we do not see the 2 images we had. one added from Survey and other added manually.

What could it be? I know it is not a Survey issue because I publish the same Survey to AGOL and it works fine.


Diego Llamas

Robert Scheitlin, GISP

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