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Enterprise Sites Content Library Download

08-09-2023 08:16 AM
New Contributor III

Hello all.   I hope I am posting these questions in the correct location.

My issue revolves around download data (in different format, and primarily into shapefile).  I have a site set up and used a category card to access the content library based on a TAG.   I have set the sharing in many ways such as Organizational, Organizational with a Group, to Public with a Group, to Public.  Of course, everything works fine when I log into the portal as the Administrator.  However, when logging into the Portal as a Viewer, though I can access and download the data, I am not able to "generate a new download with latest data".   I get an API error.

Can a Viewer License generate a new copy of the Download Data set?  Can this be down under an anonymous download? 

Any advice or suggestion will be appreciated.  Thanks, in advance.

James Armstrong

this image is a result of attempting to generate "a new download with latest data" being logged in with a viewer License.







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