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Easy way to identify a group when all you have is a letter?

04-25-2023 07:19 AM
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I am doing some cleanup and I need to remove some items from all groups, but sometimes I don't know what the group is. ie 


I don't know what group 'R' refers to. I can guess, but there are several groups with this identifier. What I can do is look at them and match the color, then see if the item is in the group with 'R' and the same color green.

Is there a better way to do this?

Thank you,

Randy McGregor


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Esri Frequent Contributor

Here's a test case with an item shared in two groups, both beginning with M - My Group and My Other Group. Though all you see it the M with a slight color difference:


If you click Share, then edit group sharing:


 You will see a list of your groups with the letter and (hopefully) from the name you should be able to figure out which is which.


If you can't tell from the name, you can always edit the name for one of those groups until you get things cleaned upl

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Thanks, but ... and this is another source of confusion that I will try to sort out some time ... I do not see the 'R' group when I select 'Sharing.' I don't know why. If I find this group (by searching icons with the word 'R' and finding the right shade of green), then I can select the item and remove it from the group. 

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You can also go to the Groups tab and find your Group with the green "R". Click on its name and from there you can Edit the Thumbnail it uses. This Thumbnail will then appear next to your item in the Contents.



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Thanks. I can't make those updates, but if I were the admin, I would set something like that up. I may make a suggestion to make it easier to identify a group - with hover-text, or a right-click, etc... Thanks to both who responded for your time.

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This is one enhancement Esri should adopt from the ArcGIS Assistant. In there, hovering over an icon shows the group name.



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That would be wonderful!

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