Dynamic Heatmap Creation

04-26-2019 06:57 AM
New Contributor

Hi all,

I wanted to see if there was a way to create a heatmap based on time spent in a certain AOI.  What I mean by this is a layer you can toggle on/off that would go from clear to red as you spend more time looking at a certain point.

My reason for this is a good number of people at my company struggle to know where they've already been when we're working with large AOIs and large data sets; it can get tricky to make sure you've reviewed such a large swath of imagery.
Ideally this layer would be clear but as you move around in the imagery it would make darker patches where you've been.  Maybe this could be based on cursor movement; however, I don't think that's the best option.

I don't actually know whether or not this is feasible but I thought I'd ask.

Thanks for any help.

Edit:  It seems like what I'm wanting to do is possible, albeit difficult to implement.  An alternative that I ended up working with is creating a grid layer that's relatively dense.  Then as my users finish going over an area they mark that grid square as done.  Most just make the square a color that stands out, that way they know they've covered the area.

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