Do feature classes in feature datasets with relationship classes need to be recreated?

04-27-2022 06:43 AM
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I noticed that in the last few versions of Enterprise when I create new feature classes in feature datasets in Pro that it creates their relationship classes inside the FDS not in the primary root of my GDB as it had done previously. My question is if I want all relationship classes to exist entirely inside the feature datasets (which is far more preferred), do I need to delete the old feature classes and their relationship classes?

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Possibly not the answer you're looking for but why are you using Feature Datasets?  I have a personal distaste for them unless they're being used in topologies, parcel fabrics or those more advanced use cases.  Have a read of this Esri Australia blog, just in case you're only using them as 'logical containers'.  There are better options for logical containers if you are:  

FAQ: Can you use feature datasets as logical folders to store feature classes? | Esri Australia Tech...


Scott Tansley
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I have the same question.  My Enterprise Geodatabase was set up in ArcGIS Desktop 10.7 but now I am using Pro to manage it.  I had to recreate some relationships classes and they ended up being in the Feature Dataset instead of the root level of the database.  Most of my feature classes are in feature datasets.  Most of the relationships are between these feature classes and tables which are of course at the root level.  All my original relationships classes are at the root level and I'd like to keep them all there if possible.  Can anyone tell me why this is happening?  Can I move them out to the root level?  Thank you.

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