Creating Contour Lines with Defense Mapping

08-07-2018 01:25 PM
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In the Defense Mapping toolbox, for creating contours it requires a defense mapping feature class.  how do you create the blank feature class required?  The help doc only says a feature layer from an existing Defense Mapping Feature class, but this is the first one I am trying to make, so i don't have an existing one.  

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Hi Paul

Thanks for your question.  The Create Contours tool was designed to generate features for the products supported in Esri Defense Mapping.  For example, if you are building a Topographic Map (TM) using TDS data, you would use the HypsographyCurves feature class found in the TDS database schema. 


The TDS database can be found in the installed product files:

      <install directory>\ArcGIS\EsriDefenseMapping\Desktop10.6\Tds\Schema

If you have additional questions, reply here, or post them to the Esri Defense Mapping page.  Thanks.



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