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Web Adaptor Pulling Wrong IP

09-14-2018 11:21 AM
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ArcGIS Server / Portal 10.4.1

I am using a federated Portal/Server site.  I installed a VPN server on the machine to be able to remote in.  When I restarted the server, ArcGIS Portal and Server pull the IP address from the VPN server instead of the local machine.  Is there a way to manually force the web adaptor to use the local IP?

I already tried going through IIS and setting the website binding IP and host name instead of using all available IPs.

I disabled the VPN adaptor as well but it still pulled the IP from it.  I made sure the service was off.

I restarted ArcGIS Server and Portal after each.  Do I need to reboot the machine instead?

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Forgot to mention.  I find the IP by going to <server>/server/admin/system/webadaptors/nameofadaptor

or by going to <portal>/portal/portaladmin/system/webadaptors/nameofadaptor

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Hello Steve, 

If you would like to change the IP address that shows up in the ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS admin, you will have to re-install and make sure only the desired IP is available. 

Or do you just want to change the web adaptor URL to https://localIPaddress/nameofadaptor?

Can you access the web adaptor URL by https://localIPAddress/Nameofadaptor/rest ? 

Or it will redirect to the VPN IP?

Does the machine recognize the local IP address? If not how about you add the IP address in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file? 

1) Unregister the Server web adaptor from <server>/server/admin/system/webadaptors/nameofadaptor > unregister

2) Access the web adaptor configuration page through https://localIPAddress/Nameofadaptor > configure with server.