Configure Pop-Ups for a non-spatial table outside of MapViewer or ArcGIS Pro

02-12-2024 08:48 AM
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I am working on a dashboard for my department to show projects within our department and different metrics/information. I added a detail page to the dashboard that shows the table. I've configured the pop-ups in Pro before overwriting the web table in Enterprise so I can exclude certain fields and make the table a bit more "flashy" for the end users. However I've come across an issue where some of the text I put in the table is not showing the same capitalization once in Enterprise and on the dashboard pop-up details. For example, if I have the label for a field name as "Project Name" when configuring in Pro, when it displays in enterprise it will show it all as lower case (i.e. "project name").


Wondering if there is a way to configure pop-ups for a non-spatial table outside of Pro in Enterprise that is NOT in the MapViewer, as when I try to configure the pop-ups in MapViewer it never saves the changes for the table (but I've never had this type of issue when working with pop-ups for a spatial layer in MapViewer).

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