Composite Locator Not Properly Locating Address Points

08-12-2016 07:22 AM
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We have a composite geocode service that is not properly locating address points.  If I enter an address within the search bar of one of our apps built with WAB, the address will show in the suggestions, but if I click on it, I will be taken to somewhere that is not the address that's listed.  And, in some cases, the address is not listed at all in the suggestions box.

There are other locators within the composite locator that are working, for example, one of the locators allows the ability to search by parcel number.  This locator is working fine.  Another allows you to search by place name, and again, this one is working fine.

I have already deleted and re-created the address point locator (with Suggestions enabled), and re-published the service.  Still getting the same results where addresses are not locating properly.

System Details

  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.3
  • ArcGIS Server 10.3
  • Address locator style = US Single House with Subaddress

Below are a couple sample searches.  The first 2 screenshots show that when searching for an address, it appears that the suggestion is finding the address, but will take you to the wrong location.  The second 2 screenshots demonstrate that the locator using place locations is working.

Any ideas what the issue is with our address locator and why it is not working properly?...why it's not locating at the correct location?

1) Searching for 1801 Whispering Pines Ct SW Cedar Rapids IA --- shows in the suggestions box.

2) Search result when I click on the suggestion.  I'm taken to 1720 Whispering Pines Ct SW.

1) Searching for Linn County Community Services Building --- shows in suggestions box.  Search fails.

2) Search result takes me to the correct location.  Search works.

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Support has confirmed. Features, not bugs. Will not be addressed.  

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I am running into similar issues:

1) Address locator set up on General - Gazetteer will suggest the correct address but once you click on it, it takes you to a different address and the suggestion has suddenly changes.  In the photos below, I searched for "451 E Altamonte Dr".  Once I clicked on the correct suggestion, it took me to 859 Wymore and the suggestion changed to it as well.

2) In an address locator set up as US Address - Single House (no subaddress because of the issues stated above), when I search for the same address, it suggests a bunch of addresses that don't exist (outlined in red), and the correct address (green arrow) is the second suggestion.

Not sure of solution and have contacted tech support.  I will follow up with results.

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This has been brought up with support many times.  Repeatedly told it will not be addressed, it is behaving as expected, and is a feature, not a bug.  I argued you should never return an invalid address.  They disagreed.

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Thanks for the info Jeff. I agree with you it's a bug, an important one. 

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I agree. Support/Development things this is a feature, and the user community clearly this presenting invalid addresses as suggestions is a bug.  Every ticket that is related to this is closed because nothing is broken.  How do we change that?

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dlaw-esristaffkhutchins-esristaff‌ can either of you point us in the right direction? This is a major issue for alot of us and support/development has deemed "feature not bug"

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Hi Jeff,

Just posting to indicate that Shana Britt replied to your (and Phil's) comments, earlier in this thread (dated Aug 30). This note is for others who may review this thread later.


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The ArcGIS Geocoding team is aware of this issue, it was a limitation of the original implementation of the suggestions capability.  We have already implemented a new suggestions strategy (which is available to test in the current release of the World Geocoding service).  The new strategy verifies the house number as you type and only shows address suggestions for addresses with a verified house number.  If the house number cannot be verified it shows a suggestion for a street name.  We are working to support this new suggestions strategy for locators that organizations build with ArcGIS. 

by Anonymous User
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Jeff Rogers‌ perfect. That would avoid what we call "ghost addresses" that come up in suggest but are out of range and don't exist. So you click it and nothing comes up. Is that implemented in Server 10.6 or 10.6.1?  We have 10.5.1 and this issue perplexes users. We are debating just turning Suggest off temporarily.

Background...It worked perfectly in 10.2.  Now, it has this issue as above.  The old Autocomplete that Server used up to 10.3 and how it was in Web App Builder 1.x and JS API 3.x back in that timeframe was perfect. Now we get results in the Suggest list that simply don't exist. Also, not sure if this a widget or geocoder thing but if it comes up with 150 Smith St Savannah you click it, in WAB 2.8 and makes it all caps. But if you delete zip code and municipality at the end, like SAVANNAH GA 31405 and is just 150 SMITH ST it won't find it.  Type that exact thing in, it finds it. You have to re-type it. Trust me it's confusing especially to casual users. 

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Have you checked if any of the locators that are participating in the composite geocode service are running into the issue described in This is the first thing that comes to mind regarding your example when typing the street address with zip and municipality, but not getting candidates when only the street address is provided. 

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