Collecting a several caches scale from different machines

01-09-2017 08:12 AM
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Hi All,


I wonder if we can collect several scale caches from different machine.

For example, I have a service I tried to cache it at scale 1:500 on a machine

On another machine I publish the same service with similar name and cache it at scale 1:250.

Could I transfer these two caches of   to another machine having this map service?


PS: the service contains a mosaic for orthophoto



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You should be able to do this, assuming the service are the same and the conf.cdi and Cong.xml in the


folder are the same. That is, the parameters for the service cache are the same.

I would suggest running the tool to refresh the Status.gdb

You didn't mention what version you are using, but the above pic is from Desktop 10.3.1

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You should be able to do this, but I would be cautious with the Cache Status results that get displayed.  In the past when I have copied cache tiles and/or bundles from 1 service to another, the Manage Map Server Cache Status tool did not always properly update the Cache Status of the tiled mapservice, even though I reviewed the mapservice and saw that the cache has been completed.  The only reliable way for me to have tiled mapservices with the correct Cache Status was to completely build out the cache on 1 machine.

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 @Michael Volz @Rebecca Strauch, GISP Champion

Dear Rebecca & Michael,


Thank you for your answers, actually I use 10.4.1

In my case I need to publish this service on machine Z with the same name and to having the cache of 1:500 from machine X, and the cache of 1:250 from machine Y.


Is this still valid?




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Again, taking in the comments we mentioned above, and assuming that the caches are all being created using the same version  (so that an compact environment is compatible).  I typically create all my caches on a machine with an EDN license (that is, a developer license), then copy the files to my production machine.  I have replaced just one level before.  But again, you need to make sure all other config and data are the same.

Keep in mind that you can navigate directly to the cache folder and add that to an MXD to view/review them.  That's a nice trick/feature if you want to bypass the service itself.  Again, I would make sure the config files are the same, and the status.gdb has been updated.

I've actually even messed with the config file to modify/add a level.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend this, but it is possible.

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