Collaboration to AGOL - Pending

12-14-2018 01:19 PM
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I'm attempting to setup collaboration between ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise (Portal).
Each time I try,my Portal keeps saying:

   "Cannot execute collaboration workspace sync.  Participate with ID (Guest - Portal) has status NOT active for    collaboration with name 'xxx' and id , workspace id"

I've searched and searched with no results

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By chance when you created the collaboration did you place a feature layer or any form of content into the group that is shared between AGOL and Portal? If no content is added then the sync will say failed and the Guest will show as Not Joined.

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Was this resolved?  I'm also having this issue and have, as suggested by Cody, made sure that there is items (feature services) in both the portal and the agol groups prior to creating the collaboration.  Any advice appreciated.


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Hi John, can you make sure Enterprise has joined the collaboration workspace? As an Admin, under Settings > Collaboration > click your collaboration > click the cog/settings icon next to the workspace > confirm you don't see the 'join workspace' option (should see 'leave workspace' option).


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We had the same issue. The status shows that the participant has joined the collab workspace from portal UI. However the status shows as "pending" from the rest end point. Any idea why is that?

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Hi Gang,

Are you still seeing this? Can you confirm the guest has explicitly joined the workspace (not just accepted the collaboration invite)?


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Hi Hilary Curtis‌,

I am attempting to work through this same problem. collaboration‌ portal_for_arcgis arcgis_online‌ portal‌ 

The Portal Admin log shows this:

The Guest (Portal) shows this:

The Host (ArcGIS Online) shows this:


My Portal (Enterprise) install is NOT internet accessible (intranet) but it is configured correctly to pass through our enterprise proxy.  It is also configured with Domain Certificates.  It is secured through Active Directory.  Roles and Users are managed through Portal.

The ArcGIS Online side of this collaboration is configured to use a resource account that is in the Active Directory and registered as a Portal user.  Right now, the collaboration has that User ID as: user1@DOMAIN, as the user is listed within Portal.  I am wondering if it needs to be changed to DOMAIN\user1.

Looking at the Admin Log - in the "USER" column - I am wondering if it is even getting credentials....

Any ideas would be great!



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Hello Adam Repsher, Hilary Curtis,

  I just wanted to add that I have almost exactly the same set up as Adam, the only difference being that my user was added as DOMAIN\user1. I am having the same issue as Adam.



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Hi Peggy and Adam, thanks for the screenshots. Can you check - does your firewall support outbound communication through port 443? Enterprise will always "reach out" in collaborations with Online so that needs to be in place in order to connect. First thought is that the username shouldn't be an issue - the collaboration error message refers to ArcGIS Enterprise as the participant that can't be reached. Just to confirm - both the invitation and response files were exchanged and imported? 

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Hi Hilary,

 Yes, the firewall is enabled for outbound communication via port 443. I need to correct myself on my previous post, my issue is with Portal to Portal, not Portal to Online collaboration. Portal to Online collaboration worked after we added the domains to our proxy UAB. I am currently working with Esri Tech Support, and the case was recently escalated. Will let you know if I have any updates!