Change Public URL from a production enterprise environment.

08-11-2021 02:24 PM
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I have a question.

We have an enterprise that has a domain prepa.local and a public url and we are going to change the name of the domain url to lum.local and external url to I know that this will corrupt my enterprise even if i create a webgisdr backup and restore it on the new machines, it will not be possible because domain and url differences. but what about if i stay with the same machine name, domain and url but i redirect that everything that goes to, it goes to can this be possible? what would happen to my services and apps that has and the new services that I create, would i need publish using and I what about with my federation, would it still works?

Thanks for your help!

Diego Llamas



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Services, maps, and apps have the URLs they are created with written to disk.  While redirecting may work for the home page of Portal, none of the content stored within Enterprise will be useable.  It would also break your Hosting Server federation, because the URL is saved within many of the setting / config files.  To change the public facing URL, you would need to standup a new Enterprise system, then migrate the content over (with Esri's help or on your own).

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