Cached map service not displaying properly in ArcGIS online web map: (Problem and Solution).

10-22-2015 03:19 PM
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ArcGIS Server 10.3.0 (build 4322) / ArcMap 10.3

Cached map service not displaying properly in ArcGIS online web map: (Problem and Solution).


I created an ArcGIS Server cached map service and used the Tiling Scheme “Suggest” option. Set my scale levels equal to 12 or Min. cache scale of 1:500,000 to Max. cache scale of 1:250.

The map cache creation process in ArcGIS Server completed without any errors. The cached map service opens and displays properly in ArcMAP (Ver. 10.3). No issues / displays fast!!

But the cached map service will NOT display in an ArcGIS online web map…. I connected to our rest services and selected “View In: Map”. The cached map service opens in a web map, however it’s displayed as a Basemap (Not as a Content layer). Not sure why?? In an AGO web map, when you “Add / Add Layer from Web” and specify the URL to our rest service it adds the cached map service as a layer but never displays it on the map. You can see the cached map service in the Legend and Content but not on the map.


When you create a cached map service. In the caching options “Cache Settings” we had to use the "ArcGIS Online / Bing Maps / Google Maps" tiling scheme. This worked... The cached map service displays properly in an AGO web map.

Hopefully in the near future AGO will support displaying other tiling schemes in a web map. I thought I would post this solution just in case anyone else experienced the same problem.

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I am glad I am not the only one who has run into problems with this restriction. Hopefully, with enough people who wish to use custom cache levels with AGOL, they will remove the restriction of reading only the default levels.


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Thanks for posting.  I feel like it has to be a (relatively) simple block of code that AGOL developers overlooked including/or overwrote in a recent update of AGOL, considering these custom cache scale-level services function as expected elsewhere (e.g. js api).


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So I have a similar problem.  I created custom scales in my Tile scheme.  Uploaded to AGOL as a hosted Tile Layer.  Now the image is only showing at one of the scales, even though 4 of them match (564, 282, 141 & 70).  Not exactly sure which one.  I set my web map to have the same custom scales:

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