Backing up ArcGIS Enterprise with VM snapshot?

08-11-2020 06:58 AM
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Is it OK to backup ArcGIS Enterprise with VM snapshot?

My plan was to shut down Enterprise services and backup with VM snapshot.

However, my system is not sure that postgres which serves the portal will be restored well.

I am aware of WebGIS DR tool but taking a VM snapshot seems to be a shorter way.

Does someone has experience of backup/restore of ArcGIS Enterprise with VM snapshot?


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Hi Michael Ginzburg,

I have tested this many times within my role as a GIS Administrator. We rely on a few levels of backups, and VM Snapshots are one of these. 

Essentially before all patching, upgrades and other changes to our system we take a snapshot. If anything goes wrong in the process we roll back without issues.

We have a multi-machine (about 13 servers) environment that we use this on.

In addition, out IT team take daily backups of all our VM's and we have both ArcGIS DataStore backups and WEBGISDR running. This gives us the flexibility of recovering a single table if we need, or the whole application teir, or the infrastructure tier.

I use snapshots extensively in our QA environment as well so that i can test deployment scripts and roll back and test again.

Hope that helps,