Configuration of an ArcGIS Enterprise VM Clone

08-05-2020 12:14 PM
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We are trying to troubleshoot an issue on a Production Enterprise Deployment of 10.6.1 (Single Machine deployment) which we believe is related to SSL Certificates.

To allow safe troubleshooting we have cloned the machine and stood up another VM with a copy of the deployment on a new VM. We have certificates made for the new machine which have been bound at the web tier level and imported into server/portal.

The issue we are having is that we are unable to change the hosting / federated server to the new cloned server. We have followed the documentation but there is not an option to "Join Site". When we try to add the new server via the portal setting site it says "ArcGIS is already a federated server".

We have considered un-federating the existing server but there are many warnings on this site suggesting it will cause multiple issues.

What are the steps to follow that will allow us to clone an existing 10.6.1 Enterprise Installation to a new Virtual Machine and configure it to point to the new cloned ArcGIS Server machine?


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Hi Jason Hart,

"Join Site" when referring to ArcGIS Server is normally to do with the ArcGIS Server site and won't be in the portal settings. I am not sure what documentation you are referring to following though sorry, I am assuming it is this - Migrate to new machines—Portal for ArcGIS (10.6) | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise - in which case, the "Join Site" will be in the ArcGIS Server Admin directory of the newly installed ArcGIS Server VM.

One trick I have seen work is taking a WEBGISDR backup of the ArcGIS Enterprise > Making new VM's > Editing the Windows HOSTS file to point all the existing environment host names and comms to the new VMS and restoring from the WEBGISDR file. I have done this successfully on a very small ArcGIS Enterprise single machine deployment before without any major issues, but I only recommend this if you are confident with editing the hosts file as this is going to mean another layer of network that could go wrong.

I hope this helps,