ArcGIS WebAdaptor 10.9.1 Could not find any recognizable digits

07-11-2022 08:22 AM
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Hi, it is systematically happening that the Web Adapter and ArcGIS Server do not communicate correctly.
Performing the WebAdaptor registration on IIS reports the following error "Could not find any recognizable digits"
Investigating I found that the Shared Key inside ArcGIS Server is not updated or is not synchronized with the IIS WebAdaptor.config.

stranger still, it seems that the WebAdaptor is able to run the loadbalncer when you shut down an ArcGIS Server.
if I turn off an ArcGIS Server Node and turn on the Second ArcGIS Server node, the WebAdaptor is no longer able to talk to the Backend GIS Servers.

Another anomaly, Administrative mode is activated on the Server and on the ArcGIS WebAdaptor configuration, but it is not possible to access the Manager via IIS.

Do you have any ideas?

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I have seen in the past where that error message is returned when the shared key for the site stored in the config-store/web-adaptors/webadaptor-config.json file is 128 characters as opposed to 64 characters (as expected), can you verify whether that is the case?

-- Chris Pawlyszyn
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Hello there,
I have the above mentioned problem after restoring a backup to a 11.0 installation. Is there a solution to the 128/64 character problem?

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