ArcGIS Server - multiple ArcSOC.exe processes and server resources

02-01-2019 01:35 AM
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Hi Experts!

Right now – we have general problem with ArcGIS 10.5 environment. We have about 16 simultaneously working ArcSOC.exe processes which consume all the CPU resources and we think that because of that - the Feature service is not available at all (it does not return any errors – it is just not responding for any request).

We've tried to decrease number of simultaneously running ArcSOC processes using instruction from the following article:, however because of lack of resources ArcGIS Server Manager web site is not loading or it is throwing timeout exception during logging attempt.

Any help will be appreciated.

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The KB you mention is valid if you run a great many SOC processes (like 200+), but 16 isn't a great many. 

A. Wow many services do you have running?

B. What are the minimum number of instances set for these services?

C. What are the specs for this machine? (processor cores, GB ram)

D. What's the RAM utilization on these SOC processes?

E. What's are your CPU/RAM resources strained - like, in task manager, are the counters for RAM and CPU spiked?

F. What's the virtual memory set to on this machine?

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Hi Randall,


How the number of services is linked to the machine resources (CORS & RAM)? And why the number of the services is important but not the content of these services (point, line, polygon, number of records in the attribute table, etc.)

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