'Allow access to all users who are logged in' with Web Tier

08-18-2015 04:35 PM
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I am curious as to how the Allow access to all users who are logged in option in the security on a map service using web tier authentication works.   We are using our internal AD for managing security via Web Tier authentication with ArcGIS Server 10.2.2

Is this like an anonymous access as long the the user is in our AD Identity store?   

What I have doing is setting the permissions to allow members of our 'ALL USERS' role to have access to services but I am wonder if checking Allow access to all users who are logged in would make this unnecessary.

Also would this allow users to access our services quicker?

Thanks for any assistance you can give to add my understanding of this setting.


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I just tried this setting on my server and it seems to work the same as adding an AD account that encompasses ALL USERS. I am going to assume that it works as you guessed and that any user logged into the network will have access to that service. I am not sure if it speeds up access to the service but in my opinion it is an cleaner way to lock down a service that you only want available to users on the network.

I know this response is a few months later but hopefully it helps you or someone else.

- Chris

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I have the same question. I couldn’t figure out what is the function of the “Allow access to all users who are logged in” option.

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