ArcGIS Server: Default Instance Type: Spontaneously Changing to Default From Shared

02-01-2021 03:42 PM
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I have 4 ArcGIS Server virtual machines (1 primary, 3 standby). All 4 are configured to use shared instances by default with Server Manager.

However, today, when I checked, 2 of the standby machines said that the default instance type is "Dedicated".

Has anyone else observed this setting changing on its own?

The only background task that touches AGS is a nightly WebGIS DR restore from the primary machine to the 3 standby ones.

System Details:

  • Windows Server 2019
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 (Portal/Server/Data Store with federation between Server and Portal)
  • Backup: Created at about 3 AM
  • Restore: Performed at about 12 AM
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I have never seen this behavior, but my organization also doesn't utilize WebGIS DR.  I suspect it is a defect related to WebGIS DR.  I would run a script or scheduled task to check the setting right before and after the backup and restore processes.

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