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Unable to access ../portal/sharing/rest/generateToken

01-26-2021 11:29 PM
Occasional Contributor III

Our production portal is running very slow. I have tried a few things like restarting services and then eventually the servers but with no luck.

The one thing is that I have noticed is that the I am unable to access the rest end point to generate a token ../portal/sharing/rest/generateToken when trying to get to the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory.

Can anyone suggest why we might not be able to get to this end point?




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Esri Regular Contributor

Hey there Dean,

   Could you add a screenshot of the error along with a .har capture of what happens when you try to ping server admin? Additionally, do you see anything in ArcGIS Server logs that may pertain to this issue?

Keep on keeping on!
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Thanks @JonEmch what we discovered was that AWS rolled the public IP addresses for the portal and put it all out of sync. Once the DNS was updated all went back to normal 🙂

I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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Depending on your architecture, you will need to handle changing public ip addresses associated with the EC2.

We release your instance's public IP address when it is stopped, hibernated, or terminated. Your stopped or hibernated instance receives a new public IP address when it is started.

This is why Esri documentation & cloudformation templates require an elastic IP as this presents a static IP address for your instance.


You'll also need to double check any internal mappings you have with federation url's, service url's, web adaptor etc etc. Make sure these reference anything other than the public ec2 ip, e.g. your DNS or the private IP. 


A private IPv4 address, regardless of whether it is a primary or secondary address, remains associated with the network interface when the instance is stopped and started, or hibernated and started, and is released when the instance is terminated.

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