ArcGIS server connectivity issue after re-installing web adaptor

02-14-2019 09:15 AM
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I am using ArcGIS server 10.6. I had to unregister my web adaptor for some reason. I have re-installed the web adaptor and configured to use server application. I am able to connect to the server from other machines on network using computer name but getting issue while using IP address to connect .

Any help will be delightful. Also I have mapped server local IP with and public IP to use this globally. 

I am not sure changing web adaptor will have any issue with mapping.

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Hi Sagar,

It looks like you have your thread marked as "Assumed Answered". Is your issue resolved? If so, please provide a description on what you did. If not, it would be helpful to uncheck it as "answered" and maybe move this thread to the ArcGIS Enterprise‌ space for more visibility.

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Hi Adrian,

Server machine was not allowed to be accessed from outside network due to firewall configuration. However, I didn't made any changes in firewall but still firewall rules got changed may be due to window update.

Configuring firewall again allowed connection to server.