ArcGIS Server (AGS) Cluster Deprecation Issue(s)

07-05-2017 11:07 AM
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ESRI has indicated in their deprecation plans, that clustering of AGS will be going away.  Currently, clustering is being used to resolve a problem updating geocoding services in my organization's enterprise environment.  As such, I am wondering if it is possible to use the web adaptor to associate multiple sites without any clusters, instead of 1 site composed of multiple clusters, with 1 unique url so as not to break web applications when AGS is upgraded from 10.3.1 to 10.5.1?

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Unless you have an additional load balancer or reverse proxy server, service requests will be handled by each site’s Web Adaptor or load balancer, and each site will have its own top-level domain.

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The web adaptor can only be registered with one site. If you need to balance traffic between multiple sites, you'll need to use your own load balancer as Domenico Ciavarella‌ states.

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I would like to check with you the technical structure below:


The arcgis web adaptor is installed in the adapter server

The arcgis sever is installed in 3 servers. All of them are joined

The data and arcgissever as stored in the data server


In this case:

The adaptor will be playing as load balancer

The resources of the 3 GIS servers are pooled (the published services are sharing the pooled resources)

The data is stored in sperate environment

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