How do I bulk change the default number/date format in Portal

06-18-2019 03:24 PM
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Hi there,

When a new user is created there is no way to set the number/date format. it is always US-US!!  >:(

I do not want this for my users as we do not live in the US.

Is there a way using the python API to bulk update this value for all the users in my org? Should it not be a setting in the organisation that is applied to all new users by default?

I understand people can do it in their profile, but I do not want to have to ask all the members to do this.



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You could look into if the property is exposed via the Python API. Alternatively, monitor the network traffic when updating one user and re-create the request via Python to update all users.

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Hi Jonathan Quinn‌,

Thanks for that suggestion.  It looks like updating "culture" and "cultureFormat" should do the trick, and these are exposed via the python api.

  1. culture:
  2. cultureFormat:



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Actually - cultureFormat didn't appear to be available from the python api, only culture. Anyways, you can update the org culture/cultureFormat through the portal sharing  page: https://portal/webadaptor/portal/sharing/rest/portals/0123456789ABCDEF

and this is inherited by all members of the org that have not explicitly set it in their profiles.

it's also in the org settings page

Unfortunately this doesn't have the effect I was hoping for.  I was hoping that it would update the default date time format across the portal to dd/mm/yyy rather than the us mm/dd/yyy as per this:

I just noticed the documentation states this:

If the language in your profile is set to English or Spanish, you can change the way numbers and dates are displayed in the ArcGIS Enterprise portal.

but then goes on to say:

The Number and date format setting is not reflected in the date values displayed in attribute tables, map labels, or animation time slices, or when viewing pop-ups. 

So what's the point?  Where is it reflected?

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Hi Mark, you can set this when creating your new users. When you reach the 'set member properties' screen, select the settings tab and each of these settings are configurable:

The settings apply to dates across your portal website. 

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Pointless setting only applies to the website and no data fields or interactions are affected. This is the behaviour we would like to see accross every instance of a date in the entire portal and data not just when the map was lasted updated.

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I think as a community we need to have something like this idea

ESRI default date JSON display format across entire suite of platforms 

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