Arcgis Server 10.6 With Active Directory Domain Prefix

07-08-2021 04:11 AM
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We are using non federted Arcgis Server 10.6 and using Windows AD as User Store.

Our login usernames like domain\username

With our web applications created by Web App Builder, we want to use username without domain prefix in esri sign in dialog box.
We modified sign in dialog box with and css not to show service adress and able to add custom login text.

As i can see there is a solution with portal logins but could not find any with server side.
i tried adding  “checkForMultipleUsernameFormats”: "true" to Arcgis Server Administrator > Security > Config > updateIdentityStore configration file but failed.

Arcgis Gis Server 10.6
Server Security
User Store: Windows Domain
Role Store:ArcGIS Server Built-in
Authentication Tier:GIS Server
Authentication Mode:ArcGIS Tokens

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