WebContextURL and portal with high availability

07-03-2021 11:54 PM
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We have deployed large ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 with 3 x ArcGIS Server sites (GIS Server, Image Server and Geoevent Server) and Portal and Data Store in High Availability. Both portals (primary and standby) have a Web Adaptor.

We also have a third party load balancer for Portal and Server. We have set WebContextURL for Portal. When we initially deployed the solution, accessing portal home using primary or standby portal server's web adaptor URL redirected to WebContextURL based portal home. However, recently this redirect to WebContextURL has stopped from happening. If someone accessed portal home using primary or standby portal's web adaptor, it stayed that way. Is it correct to assume when WebContextURL is set, portal should always use it for all its resources irrespective of how it is initially accessed?

We haven't noticed any loss of functionality but occasionally some hosted layer items go missing. The hosted item's feature service is present in ArcGIS Server but the itemid is no longer existing in Portal and item doesn't appear under owner's  My Content. Could it be related to the WebContextURL issue?

Any advice?



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in your description seems to be missing the privateportalurl has been configured?



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