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09-19-2018 08:23 AM
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   trying to figure out more about the Data Store and if its the solution were looking for...

we have about 15 employees in different departments that are publishing services to arcgis server (cached, dynamic, geocoding). we have had some of these employees leave and we have lost the source data for the services that were published.

would the data store be the solution for our problem? we want a central location for all the source data that everyone is using to build and publish services. we just want to make it easier as people move in and out of departments to find the data being used in certain services.



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The ArcGIS Data Store is one solution to your problem. When you publish services directly to Portal, a hosted service is created and the data is copied into the ArcGIS Data Store. You would then primarily interact with the data through services, unless you want to export your data through Portal.

Another solution, and perhaps a better option, is to set up an enterprise geodatabase and move all of your data into the geodatabase. That gives you a central location to retrieve the data and it can be used in services as referenced data. Each user can be given their own credentials for security reasons. Below is a good white paper on differences between "ArcGIS Managed" data and "User Managed" data: