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09-13-2018 09:36 AM
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My org is thinking about upgrading to ArcGIS 10.6.1.  As such I just wanted to double-check what version of Pro would be compatible with 10.6.1 such that if a user modified an object such as a Raster Mosaic Dataset in ArcPro 2.2.2 it would still be editable in ArcMap 10.6.1 (Just an example of an ESRI object that has limited backward compatibility).

As far as I can tell from research it appears that ArcPro 2.2.x (any patch of 2.2) would be compatible with ArcMap 10.6.1.  Can someone please confirm that this is the case?

Also would ArcPro 2.3 then be compatible with ArcMap 10.7 moving forward when they are released?

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That's a tough one and I am not sure there are good answers for this. I am tagging ArcGIS Pro‌ and Kory Kramer‌ for his input. I did just see this tweet on the newest roadmap

ArcGIS Pro on Twitter: "The ArcGIS Pro Roadmap on GeoNet has been updated for September 2018. Get a ... 

but not sure that is very helpful.

I am mostly responding to this so that I can follow it!

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ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap can run side by side regardless of the release number.  For example, you could run ArcMap 10.5.1 side by side with ArcGIS Pro 2.2.2 with no issues.  For the most part, there is no backwards compatibility from AGP to ArcMap.  Now when you talk about geodatabases, there are no AGP geodatabases and ArcMap geodatabases, they're just geodatabases.  The only incompatibility I've seen I've seen is with geodatabase annotation.  ArcMap authored annotation is considered "read-only" in AGP.  If you want to edit/delete ArcMap authored annotation, then you must upgrade the dataset.  By doing so, the annotation feature class is no longer readable in ArcMap.  Hope this helps!