Add attachment / Add geometry Fails ArcGIS Enterprise

02-25-2022 09:07 AM
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Hi All 


My company has an ArcGIS online account and up until recently we were working with a client and programmatically syncing features layers along with attachments across to there ArcGIS online account . Recently the switch to An ArcGIS enterprise solution and this obviously shifted the goal posts for us. We have managed to re configure our calls to work with new credentials they provided us with and we now can add features and update features as required. However we are unable to do the following things with  credentials they provided us with 


  • adding attachments. When I am logged in with my company credentials and access content shared via a group  I am not allowed to add an attachment manually to the client layers/tables. I received the message unsupported file type



However if I log in with the credentials for the enterprise platform  shared with us I can add attachments manually  to the same layer with out issue. When I try to automate this process and use either set of the  credentials I am not able to add attachments using any of the tokens generated . I receive the message "invalid token"(Client credentials) or the users is not authorised to perform this action (my company credentials ) have i configured my token generation wrong in some way?  I notice the URL is slightly different for the feature service based on the account I am logged into. 

adding geometry - when adding features the attribute information is populated but the geometry does not appear to be passing through so features without geometry are getting added to the layer. It might be a slight syntax issue in the json structure we are using I am not sure, i am using this structure and i get a successful response from the server its just as I say no geometry is attached . 


Are these issues  down to restrictions on the clients side ? 

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