A request was made for service 'SERVICE_NAME.MapServer' but it did not have adequate credentials.

11-22-2021 12:42 PM
by Anonymous User
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Our GIS team is currently maintaining an ArcGIS Enterprise setup (10.8.1) which allows map requests to be made by users. However, one of our key services is sometimes giving out the following error:

"A request was made for service 'SERVICE_NAME.MapServer' but it did not have adequate credentials."

Usually this works as intended - a user who is the part of a certain group can add data to this table. However, this only sometimes works (the credentials are accepted around 70% of the time). The credentials for these users are not being changed, so this makes me suspect that it is a network/server issue.

Has anyone had a situation similar to this? Other posts mentioned issues with setting ownership roles but that is not the case for us.

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@Anonymous User could you check if you have shared the map service to the group as well? sometimes if you have only shared the feature service you might get this error.

Hopefully that resolves your issue.

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Hello- I am experiencing the same issue. Did you ever resolve this?

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I am experiencing same issue

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