10.4.1 Map Caching Process

02-02-2017 10:06 AM
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Were using desktop and server 10.4.1 now and it just seem like were always fixing one issue only to find a new one...

we are allowing up to 6 instances to run to help with the caching time, below is a screenshot of the cache status after 30min of running!

     we got nothing!

anyone else experience this?


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Just to double check, have you installed the publishing patch?

ArcGIS for Server Publishing Patch 

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There are a few things to check to see if the caching tools are actually working:

1)  Refresh the cache status, (you've likely already done this a number of times)

2)  Check the CPU usage of the Caching Tools process in Task Manager, (turn on the Command Line column to verify which ArcSOC.exe process corresponds to the Caching Tools)

3)  Check the arcgiscache folder on disk to see if bundles are getting created within each scale level.

If you can determine that nothing is happening on the system, (based on #1 and #2), yet the status still reports that the caching job is still running, there may be some errors in the logs about what happened.  You may want to recreate the status.gdb using the Manage Map Server Cache Status tool.  The caching tools may be reading information within the status.gdb and seeing that the job is still in progress when it has already failed, which may not give you an accurate status of the caching job.