WHY in Enterprise are sharing options limited when one does not own the item even if you are the ADMIN?

01-27-2023 09:16 AM
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In AGOL, as an admin, I could change sharing permissions on everything even if the items was in a special sharing group or if I did not own it. I have noticed in Enterprise, even as the admin, changing the shared groups when I do not own the item is really frustrating. For most cases, I have to take ownership of the item to be able to share the item. The problem is that if is in a shared items group, I cannot give the item back. The user has to share to X group themselves. It is a frustrating process as some users do not understand what to do. Is this a bug or is there a reason for this? Version is 10.9.1

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Hi @jzcgis ,

I understand your frustrations and am sorry this is causing you issues in your administrative sharing workflows. Unfortunately, this is a known issue introduced at ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1. Previous versions, such as 10.8.1 did not have this sharing issue. It has been reported to Esri Technical Support and logged as BUG-000147353.

This sharing issue is resolved at ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0. Administrators are able to share another members private items to groups that the item owner can contribute to.

I will note that Administrators are able to share another members items to groups when the item is also shared to the organization or public but that workaround may not work in your situation for a variety of reasons. 

Hope this helps,




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That is so good to hear! We were planning on upgrading to 11 soon enough.

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Will there be a patch for 10.9.1 as that is where my org is migrating to?

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Yes, we do plan on providing a fix for this for 10.9.1 as a part of the next Portal security patch.  We are hoping to have this available by early March.

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Several of my clients are using the following work around:

  • Select the item you want to share.
  • Transfer ownership to yourself
  • Share the item
  • Transfer ownership back to the other person

Yes, it's painful, but this has been a relatively quick way to work around the issue in 10.9.1.  10.8.1 clients are not experiencing this.

Scott Tansley