Vector Tile Service (VTS) supported formats - Ordnance Survey Data Hub

06-10-2021 07:18 AM
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I am trying to add a Vector Tile Service from Ordnance Survey's Data Hub which uses the PBF format to provide tiles and is formatted in the following:-{z}/{y}/{x}.pbf?srs=27700&key=


I have tried to add this into a new map using ArcGIS Portal 10.6 but am just getting a blank screen.

Can I confirm that this tile format is supported, and if anyone has successfully managed to add any VTS tiles from Ordnance Survey into a Portal map?



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did you ever get it working, we are trying the same sort of thing i can add the data into a arcgis online map and it shows okay but as soon as you open it in a arcgis web appbuilding you get a blank basemap


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