Tricks for showing the whole Pacific Ocean

03-04-2012 06:25 PM
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Hi folks

I work in the Pacific and therefore a lot of my maps extend across the International Date Line.  In past version of ArcGIS I've followed instructions in ESRI Help article # 25839 "HowTo:  Project a data frame to a custom coordinate system with a non-Greenwich central meridian". 

However I'm getting funny results now when applying the IDL projection parameters and related transformation.   After applying the revised coordinate system to the Data Frame Properties most of the data layers display as expected, but then others don't.  I can "Zoom to Extent of Feature" and it takes me to the right spot but then doesn't show the feature?!  The attribute table is there, just not the shape?!

What tricks do you use to manage your data in the Pacific region and how do you fool ArcGIS 10 into displaying!?!?

Many thanks for your help
Nate Peterson
The Nature Conservancy
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