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Standalone table not appearing in new map viewer, only map viewer classic

04-04-2024 01:00 PM
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I shared a feature class and a file geodatabase table to my Enterprise Portal as a web layer.  I need to have both the feature class and the table in a web map.  When I make a map with the new Map Viewer, the table is nowhere to be found.  But when I use Map Viewer Classic, the table is in the map, just like I need.  But I need to use the new Map Viewer because Map Viewer Classic is of course obsolete.

I did confirm that both the feature class and the standalone table are listed in the map service's REST endpoint.

There's no editing involved - no versioning, no feature service, etc.

I am the owner of the web layer / service.  And I am working on the web maps as myself, the same account that is the owner.

I'm using ArcGIS Pro 3.0.3

Enterprise 10.9.1 build 28388

My organization cannot upgrade to Enterprise 11 yet.  In fact, the work I am trying to do with this web layer is part of our work to get all our map services running from Pro, as part of our preparation for upgrading.  So I have to get this work done before we can upgrade.

I did see something on Esri Community from 2 years ago about related tables not showing up in the new map viewer, like Esri hadn't built this functionality yet.  I don't know if this is related.

A crazy thing is that on another Enterprise Portal we have (the Dev one), an essentially identical web layer with a table DOES show up in the new map viewer.  That Portal has the exact same version and build as the one I'm having the problem with (which is our Production portal), and the services have the same settings.  I don't see how the new map viewer could be acting differently in the two Portals, but it is.

Does anyone know how to get the table to show up in Map Viewer?  Is it a bug?

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I'm seeing the exact same issue with ArcGIS Pro 3.2.2 and Enterprise 11.0.  Would be interested in the solutions as well.

EDIT:  When I open the web map in ArcGIS Pro, the table is there.  It just does not show up under the table tab in the browser view of the web map.  I suspect that maybe that tab only shows hosted tables show up there.  Still would be interested in how you could see a non hosted table in the new map viewer.

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Thanks for your post!

I was able to use a workaround to see a non-hosted table in the new map viewer - I added an item in Portal and used the map service's URL, such that this item consisted only of the table, not the full map service with both the layer and the table.  That is, I used the URL that included the layer ID for only the table, e.g. ....MapServer/1

Then I brought this "item" into my web map in new map viewer, and I could see the table.  This means that my web map includes both the whole service a.k.a. web layer as well as just the table from that same service, so it's kind of referencing the same service twice.

This workaround is not ideal, so I still hope to hear from Esri on this subject.

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