SSL errors because /self returns portHostName with port 7080

08-23-2021 11:59 AM
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Hi, I've got a stand-alone Portal installed in a test environment to use for content management. 
I have not installed a WebAdapator because we don't have the need for one in this deployment.

The problem we're running into is the portalHostName property returned from the /self endpoint includes the port 7080, not 7443. 

The Portal is configured to allow traffic over HTTPS only.

I've tried setting the WebContextUrl to https://......:7443/arcgis but this made no difference.

Anybody have any ideas how to fix this?



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What you're seeing can be considered a bug, so you can contact Support to have it logged. Normally, the environment will at least set up a Web Adaptor for the front-end. The Web Context URL can only be set to 443.

There's no way to update the hostname, you'll need to set up something in front of Portal.

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