SQLite Geodatabase features in Portal Root

06-02-2021 03:30 PM
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This is more of a general question, but I'm trying to understand the appearance of some items in our Enterprise 10.8.1 Root folder (as viewed in ArcGIS Online Assistant)

When looking through the Root folder I'm seeing multiple items with Type: SQLite Geodatabase, but with varying Item ID. These items share the front portion of their name with an established Hosted Feature Layer that our organization uses - but I'm not sure why there are so many and why./how they're being created. For example:

[Feature layer Name]-[large string of characters and numbers]

Some of the named layers (not all) are present in Offline Map Areas created through portal, and are utilized by field crews. Are the SQLite Geodatabase items related to replicas/syncing? Are they redundant? I'm just not sure.

Any help with identifying what these are?

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I had the same question and this is the only post I could find related to this.....any answers?

I suspect it's related to replicas/offline areas, but I wanted to know for sure.

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