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Sharing Public maps - ArcGIS Online Versus Portal

03-01-2016 06:44 AM
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Hi everybody:

I'm checking differences between sharing a webmap in ArcGIS Online versus Portal for ArcGIS.

  1. ArcGIS Online. If "Allow anonymous access to your organization's website" is unchecked (meaning that anonymous user cannot access the ArcGIS Online of the organization) a publicly shared webmap can be accessed with the link provided in the share form without authentication
  2. Portal for ArcGIS. in this case what described for ArcGIS Online does not work. If "Allow anonymous access to your portal" is unchecked opening the map using the link provided in the share form requires user login in any case.

Is this the correct behavior or am I missing something ?


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If the portal has public access, could you share the webmap as well as the participating services with everyone? Then anybody (including Anonymous) who has access to your portal should be able to use it.

But "Allow anonymous access to your portal" option should be checked.

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my target scenario is:

  1. Disable anonymous user access to the portal in order to allow portal navigation to named users only
  2. Publicly share some items to everyone (without requiring login on the item)

While I can easily make it in ArcGIS Online (when sharing a webmap this way the form provides a public url to distribute for access) I cannot do the same in Portal for ArcGIS.

I suspect that it is a configuration thing because when I use the option to embed in a web site the html snipet works properly and does not require to login.

If my portal is webadaptor/arcgis the url of a public webmap comes out as webadaptor/arcgis/home/webmap/viewer.html?webmap=123dd20e72d644acb8b452254871e832.

The HTML snipet coming out from the "embed in a website" option contains a URL (I removed parameters) like "http://webadaptor/arcgis/apps/Embed/index.html?webmap=123dd20e72d644acb8b452254871e832" (and this one works properly without requiring authentication)


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