Portal, SSL certificate

03-01-2016 08:53 AM
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So we got our CA-signed SSL Certifcate for use with the web-adapter, however the certificate is made out to <mydomian.edu>  but when i go to  but the actual domain is <ad.mydomain.edu> is this going to be a problem in getting Portal to come up as secure?

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You should be fine.

If you install that certificate and then were to look into it, you'd see that it covers:


So ad.mydomain.edu or site2.mydomain.edu or site1.subsite.mydomain.edu are all going to be covered by that domain certificate.

That's the beauty of the domain certificate.

You could also claim that's the weakness of a domain cert since it can cover anything created inside the domain and we can't control what others create.  Keys to the kingdom thing...