Recovering images from a deleted Classic Story Map Cascade

07-27-2021 09:03 PM
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Have the feeling the answer may be no, but I'll inquire if I can

Accidentally deleted a Classic Story Map Cascade that I would like to see is recoverable. Since Portal is a function of the larger Enterprise system - would the only way to recover the Web App Builder app be to restore to a previous webgisdr backup? I had a copy of the Web App that had all the formatting and such so I can easily rebuild from that, no actual spatial/web map data that went into the original app is missing - but there were some images stored with the  original Web App that I want to see if I can recover or find again in some way.

There isn't a separate Portal backup utility like there is for Datastore is there? It would have to be a full Enterprise, correct? Unless referenced images for Story Maps are stored somewhere in an Enterprise directory. Not too sure.



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