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07-28-2021 04:28 PM
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I need to make a public map. The map's data needs to have a dynamic point layer. The layer will be updated every few minutes. Right now our portal has IWA turned on. There does not appear to be a way to share a map with the public without turning this off. Am I missing something?

I am wondering what other organizations have done when they need a public map....

1) do we set up a new portal for just the public map?

2) I think I might be able to use our gis online for it. But I don't think I will be able to hook it up to a AGS so I would have to upload a point feature class every few minutes. I am not sure the would look seamless to the end-user. i.e. would the map glitch out when I update the data.

3) Other options I am not thinking of.

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Suggest setting up a collaboration between your on premise ArcGIS Enterprise Portal and your ArcGIS On Line organization.  Configure your AGOL authentication with a SAML  provider (your AD/ADFS) and you may use an AD account to authenticate to your Portal from AGOL to consume services from your private Portal.  Another alternative is to simply enable SAML provider (your AD/ADFS) in AGOL and authenticate each service from your portal without setting up a  collaboration.  Downside:  Every time the AD account password is changed, you'll have to re-authenticate the "pass through" connections.

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awesome! thanks for the help! 

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