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Programmatically Verify that Enterprise Portal User Accounts can be Created Automatically

04-12-2023 02:33 PM
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The Portal UI allows us to configure our site so that user accounts are created automatically.

Using these Portal links:  Organization --> Settings --> Security --> Logins

Our SAML setup is listed under Logins and by clicking "Configure login" we get the "Edit SAML login" popup and can set whether users are created "Automatically" or "Upon invitation from an administrator."  This works fine.

What we want now is to be able to verify programmatically that the "Automatically" option is configured, using REST Admin calls or Python API.

My understanding is that this setting can be accessed (as well as edited) using the enableAutomaticAccountCreation property here:  .../portaladmin/security/config

Security Configuration

Properties:{"disableServicesDirectory":false,"enableAutomaticAccountCreation":"true", ........}


However, the enableAutomaticAccountCreation property does not update when I make changes to the "Edit SAML Login" portion of the Portal UI described at the start of this post.  Similarly, if I make changes to the enableAutomaticAccountCreation property, it appears to have no impact on our Portal site.  Are these two different settings/properties?

In any case, back to my main question - how can I programmatically verify that my Portal site is set to allow automatic creation of user accounts?  Thanks for any insight or guidance.

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The property you reference is actually only used in the case of portal-tier and web-tier authentication, when using SAML or OpenID Connect there is a separate property in the Sharing API for each configured IDP.



-- Chris Pawlyszyn
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