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10-23-2018 03:14 PM
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Hi all, 

I am running a print error when printing a map with layers hosted on the federated self-signed arcgis server. My Portal (10.6.1) is federated with ArcGIS Server (10.6.1) within a company intranet. Both are on self-signed SSL certificates. A map is published by ArcGIS Pro to create both a map service and feature services for individual layers.

When trying to print a map with the published layers, an error came back saying

Error executing tool. Export Web Map Task: Failed to create layer from service at

If I unchecked those layers, the print service ran successfully. The print service is shared and the service URLs are not broken from both portal and ArcGIS server. 

My guess is the self-signed certificate caused the print service to fail.

Has anybody had this issue? Any help would be appreciated! 

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I am facing the same issue. It was working just fine before our SSL certificate expired. I then reconfigured the security to use both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. The service has been unable to execute since. Its says

"Error executing tool. Export Web Map Task : Failed to create layer from service at https://<domain>:6443/arcgis/rest/services/<folder>/<service_name>/MapServer/0.
Failed to execute (Export Web Map).
Failed to execute (Export Web Map Task)."

By turning off the layers, I can execute the service, and the layers added to the map or view are coming in the generated map. My server version is also 10.6.1.

Before the SSL certificate expired, we published a service using ArcMap and provided the server connection URL as HTTPS with port 6443. Do we need to republish the service again with an HTTP connection?

Can @TanuHoque@JonathanQuinn, and @jcarlson provide some guidelines on how to resolve this issue?

Abdur Rahman
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@ChenLiang @arahman_mdmajid 


if you try to access your services via these URL on a web browser (in incognito mode), do you get prompted to accept SSL certificates?

if you do get prompted to accept those certificates, then they are not going to work in a print service. Print services can't accept any cert.