KML utility service error without requesting file

10-27-2016 01:41 AM
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TL;DR: What would cause the KML Utility service to return the error "File not found. Wrong url or out of memory." without even trying to download the file?

When attempting to proxy a KMZ file provided by a user (user upload to an MVC web application), I cannot entice the KML utility service to actually request the file.  I immediately get the error:

{"error":{"code":400,"message":"File not found. Wrong url or out of memory.","details":[]}}

I can retrieve the file by typing its URI into a browser, and I can view the request in the server logs.  I can even attach a debugger and step through the GET request.  But if I provide the URI to the KML utility service, I get an immediate response with  no request made for the file.  Do you know why this request is never made?  Is it because the IIS web server and the Portal Server are on the same machine?

Strangely, it seems that if I use the default kml utility service (which cannot authenticate with my sever), I get a blank (empty json object) response. The default utility service does seem to request the file, but it gets redirected to a login page which it may mistake for valid but meaningless XML.

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same error for me, I see no replies right now...

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