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04-30-2021 02:57 PM
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We have a new ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 stack that we have set up. Everything is licensed, there is a hosting server set, Datastore, and I've got a few users spun up. The only issue is that my Map tab is missing.

Yes...it's completely missing :\

I've set up a few Enterprise stacks in the past but have never seen this behavior before.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?




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Is this a Single-machine or multiple-machine deployment?

1. What happens when you type a similar URL in the browser https://myportal.domain.com/arcgis/home/webmap/viewer.html

2. Are all the required ports allowed through machine and network firewall?

3. Sometimes restarting your ArcGIS Enterprise Machine resolves the issue.

4. You may stop the System services (Run > services.msc) for ArcGIS Data Store, ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS. Open Task Manager to check if the services have stopped completely.

Then Start the Services in the following order.

  • Portal for ArcGIS
  • Hosting federated ArcGIS Server
    • Data store
    • Enterprise relational data stores
  • ArcGIS Data Store
  • Other ArcGIS Server sites (if any)

Since the ArcGIS Server site is already federated and designated as a hosting server, I am not suggesting anything else than contacting Esri Tech Support.

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Figured it out. Users with and 'Advanced' license cannot see the map.

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