Portal for ArcGIS--where did my layer go?

09-16-2019 10:49 AM
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I am in the process of learning how to publish using Portal for ArcGIS.  I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1, Portal 10.6.1.  I have a map in Pro from which I published three web layers. Each time, I published using the "Copy all data" and Layer Type: "Feature", Portal folder was default, Share with had a particular group identified.  The first web layer was a single feature layer, the second was a group layer, and the third was several different selected feature layers.  When looking at the Add Data tab in Pro, the first two web layers showed up in my Portal as expected--both in My Content and in the designated Group and identifed as Type Feature Layer (Hosted).  The third one, however, does not show up in My Content,  however, it does show up in its designated Group where it is also identified as Type Feature Layer (Hosted).  If I do a search in All Portal, it is not found.

Strangely, for this third layer, Portal in ArcMap has just the reverse problem in finding it.  If I look at My Maps and Data, this third layer is there, but it does not appear in the designated group in My Groups.  Also, when I bring it into the map, from the Portal, only the first feature layer is there.  If instead, I use ArcCatalog, the web layer appears in the Hosted folder for my Portal and when dragged into the map all feature layers as they should.  However, the web layer does not appear in My Hosted Services (ArcGIS Enterprise), although the other two layers I created do.

If I access the Portal URL, there is a service definition for this third layer in My Content, but no feature layer, and no layer or service definition appears in My Groups either.  The only way I can add it to a web map is as an ArcGIS Server Web Service where I have to use a URL.

What has happened and how do I make it behave like the other two web layers?


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