Using with Portal for ArcGIS 10.5.1

09-14-2017 04:55 AM
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Does anyone know how to acces/use/configured to work with Portal for ArcGIS 10.5.1, based on the tehnical article below I don't need to configure my portal to acces if I have the 10.5.1 version.

How To: Configure Portal for ArcGIS to work with 


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The answer is in the end of the article that you are referencing:

You need to append the string with your portal url to

In my case the string looks like

And it works!

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When i use the appended portal address, the survey123 page launches with the option to sign in. The sign in link goes to an error page:

any idea what's happening here? 

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Greetings Anastasia,

That is great, many thanks for the instructions.  They did work for me.

Going a little dipper,  would you know how to make Survey123 appear in the applications menu icon, similar to what you get in ArcGIS Online, to start Survey123 from there?  So I would like Survey123 to be available in the app menus as in the following:

Portal for ArcGIS Apps menu

So far, I have been able to add Survey123 to the Content in my Portal, and I can start Survey123 from there, but I am practically going bold figuring out how to add it to the App menu in my Portal.  I can't seem to find any documentation on how to do this. So any help would be very much appreciated.

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Hi Miguel,

Did you figure out how to add Survey123 to the app launcher in Portal for ArcGIS? I have the same question here, but I cannot find any documentation on this.

Best regards,


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Hi Philippe and Miguel,

One way to add this to the app launcher, is by first adding the link with the portalUrl parameter as an item in your portal:

Add Item

Then, you can add this to the App Launcher using the "Add App Item URL" option. The URL you provide here will be the URL to the item details page for the item you just added above.

Add App

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Hi Devon,

I tried you suggestion and it works fine!

However, I have two more questions.

1) When you launch Survey123 from the app launcher, it appears that you're not signed in automatically with your Portal named user. You still have to click 'Sign In' and then click the 'Approve' button. Is it not possible to sign in automatically?

2) At the top of the web page you see a message about being in dev mode (due to the portalUrl parameter I guess?)

Is it possible to hide this message (whitout losing the connection between Survey123 and your Portal)?

Best regards,


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Hi Philippe,

1) At the current release, no. ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1 is preconfigured to trust the Survey123 website, but the user must still grant permission for it to connect to their Portal.

2) At the current release this message will persist when connecting to a Portal from the Survey123 website.

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Thank you for your answer Devon!

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I've just setup ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 (a single machine setup) and it's sitting behind firewall.

So obviously I wouldn't be able access the portal outside of my company network.

Can I use reverse proxy method to handle this, and to work with Survey123?

Basically I have my network person to create public portal url using my local portal url. And when someone tries to access my portal using this public portal url, our reverse proxy will do the magic to allow getting into the portal.
Would this work?

I am not familiar with Survey123 at all, but guy that is working with Survey123 with ArcGIS Online want to utilize our portal resource now.

Please let me know if any other things or setup that I should consider for Portal to work with Survey123.

thanks for your time.

Don Kang