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Portal for ArcGIS 10.9 - Vector Field Renderer - Image Service - Magnitude Direction

11-02-2021 09:06 AM
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I've investigated the "Vector Field Renderer" raster processing template in the past with the "old" Enterprise Map Viewer and Web App Builder.

Now we want to move over to the new Map Viewer (still Beta for Portal) and Experience Builder.

Our workflow uses the ArcGIS Python API to publish an Image Services to the Portal Hosting Server. The new Image Service than get's registered to the portal.

In our first version I had to do a lot of things to make the old map viewer show the image service with vector field renderer per default.

1. My data is a single band raster with only information on direction, so I needed to create a constant raster for magnitude and combined them to a 2-band raster

2. Setting the mosaic dataset source data type to "VECTOR_MAGDIR"


processing_template = "path_to_raster_function_template.rft.xml"
set_md_infos_result = arcpy.SetMosaicDatasetProperties_management(
    mosaic_dataset, data_source_type="VECTOR_MAGDIR" if is_two_banded 
    else "GENERIC", processing_templates=";".join(["None", 
    processing_template], default_processing_template=processing_template)


2. Adding a raster function template


Now with the current setup it seems like I don't need a raster function anymore. I only set the mosaic dataset source to "VECTOR_MAGDIR" and it already uses Vector Field Renderer in the Map Viewer Beta.

But this is really confusing. What is the Vector Field Raster Function then used for? It seems like most of the clients ArcGIS Pro and the new Map Viewer have own implementations of vector field renderer.

Does someone have experience with that? It would be really nice to have a clear workflow from mosaic dataset creation, image service publishing and displaying in new map viewer. 

Please, any help is really appreciated 🙂

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